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Should glory call, and prizes gleam,
To them you journey, as in a dream.
Now unveiled, the one we hail,
Welcome them with fervent tale.

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Amidst the echoes of laughter and song,
Stands a guiding light, ancient and strong.
Born under the stars where tides ebb and flow,
His/Her spirit dances where moonlit waters glow.

In the dance of elements, a life's tale unfolds,
Rooted in Wood's embrace, destiny molds.
Entwined with another, aligned in cosmic rhyme,
Their union resonates through the passage of time.

Three souls, each a reflection of his/her heart's embrace,
Born in rhythms swift, bound by celestial grace.
In the canvas of life, hues of purity gleam,
A vision in white, like a distant dream.

Who is this sage, whose wisdom spans the ages?
In leadership's embrace, he/she turns life's pages.
Decipher this enigma, delve through the mist,
And unveil his/her essence, softly kissed.

Within the company's heart, her presence prevails,
Solve his/her mystery, as truth unveils.

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